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Acne Moving From Face To Body

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So at around 12 years old, I started getting acne pretty badly on my face neck and shoulders. They were weak pimples and easily removed, but stupid me didn't leave them alone, so naturally I was left with scars on my face and shoulders. My face is now pretty much totally clear at 25 years old.

However a new, and possibly worse problem has arisen. I still don't get acne on my face, but I still get it on my shoulders, the back of my neck, and all down my back. These are not regular pimples. They are very hardy and deep below the surface. Most of them are unpoppable because they're so deep and they never come to a head. They're somewhat painful. However after a few weeks, the pain goes away, but the bump does not. Ever. I don't know why these pimples are suddenly coming up so deep under the skin but it's really bothering me because now I have these big red bumps that never go away all over my back. I also have a few weird bumps on the sides of my neck that are just skin colour, but they stick out and make my neck look really weird from certain angles. It's hard to describe. They are just a little bit smaller than a dime, which is pretty big for a pimple.

What on earth can I do about this? These bumps are big and they don't seem to ever go away. I'm worried I'm going to be a monster in a few years. I would gladly trade this any day for my old facial acne back. I shower every day, and I use Dove's Men+Care soap in the shower for my body (this soap appears to be the reason my facial acne disappeared). I don't have a family doctor or dermatologist, I only have access to a crappy walk-in clinic. It's getting ridiculous. I can't even take my shirt off at the beach or when I'm... You know. It's killing my confidence.

Just when I thought my acne troubles were over sad.png

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