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OK, so Ill keep this short. Hopeing someone will provide me some straight up no bullshit thinking, hopefully with some proof or somethinbg of some kind.

Anyway, went on massive amounts of antibiotics, which ruined my digestion and gave me thrush, which i cant get rid of. My Super Oily skin (I could smear oil arounbd my face in the mirror and watch it spread around up close, likes little pools of oil under where my finger is) Is now dry and greasy. Also started getting pimples, which i havent had in 2 years, perfectly acne free. So, i freaked (having dealt with acne for 10 years, and it went away all on its own, with no effort on my part) and went and bought neutrogena 3-1 hydrating salicylic acid treatment. Used this once normally twice a day (ive never washed twice a day befor this either ... but, instructions...) after 2 weeks, it had absolutly no effect and zits were still cominig (thanks antibiotics for messing up my internal plumbing). Then I saw Derma E microdermabrasion at shoppers drug mart, on sale so i bought it. After the first use i could sorta see pores (which were completely invisable at this point) or i thought i saw pores, anyway, shook it off as part of what ever it is it does (said gets rif of mild acne scarring, which i have a small few really light acne scars, so i though PERFECT) anyway long story short, i rubbed it too hard into my face and woke up one day with black holes all over my face. This had gone away, but all my pores are still very visalbe and open all over my face, some are as big as the acne scars. it has been almost 3 months. My skin when i first did this burned every morning, that has gone away. but large pores and flaking skin still everywhere. I didnt use it on the sides of my face and it still has smooth skin, smooth nose, smooth forehead. But on the inside cheeks, where i used derma e, the texture is a mess, and its also congested now from shit getting stuck in pores, and still getting some acne from antibiotics. Ill worship the ground of whomever has any advice on how to deal with this, or if my pores wil eventually return to normal. Please helps guys, face looks like HELL, literally, like my cheeks have aged 20 years over night. Skin still dry from antibiotics too (Amoxicillin, large amounts and Clindamycin, also, large amounts. Both orally)

PLease someone with some knowledge help me out here, Am I doomed to Dry, greasy, red, irrated, flakey (id get occasional under skin bumps, that would pop with little pressure, and go away, no redness and no large pores in less than 1 hour) Now if i pop a pimple the skin around it (where im puttting pressure with my fingers) flakes off leaving a red blotch. And acne prone skin forever now? FML!!...

any chance these pores will return to anywhere near normal from this damage caused by at home DIY microdermabrasion (aluminum Oxide crystals) If it helps I rubbed them into my skin till i couldnt feel anymore crystals..... i think that was wrong. please advise!!

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