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Hi I am new to these forums but I have been here a few times. I was really confused about all the information regarding derma rollers, and well in needling in general and improvement in specific scar types. I believe I was reading that it has only been studied (vastly understudied yet hope inspiring) but mainly it improve hypertrophic/keloid type raised scars. But where does that leave other ice pick indention scars? And is the science behind collagen stimulation even remotely feasible? I want to believe its true, but just given all the pessimism about scars in general and just reading all you can do is fractal lasers, or grafts or all these intense, very expensive (and often out of middle class affordability in a more prudent sense) or is this some affective optimistic placebo effect, and more interestingly, is it temporary inflammation that generates a better appearance but ultimately induces thicker scar tissue and more attention drawn to it? And would boosting collagen production actually help heal it, and could this be achieved by some topical means of supplementing puncture wounds to make it heal better than just a scar wound?

Sorry for all this questioning but I believe a lot of people here could use some hope, and that its actually possible to take control of our appearances and how we select the way we present ourselves to the world? Without stigma, nagging self perpetuating doubt and fears. Maybe this is not such a big deal yet were made to feel this way. Also, for the needles it seems a very bad idea to go above 1 inch but they make sound so beneficial in the advertisements online. But it would make sense to me larger needles, equals larger wounds and more scarring? And would taking retina or tretoinin or micrdermabrasion help indented scars as well as larger scars like boxcar, rolling, or hyper pigmentation. And how do you even use hydroquinione to fade the mark without ligtening the skin around the area thereby making it useless? All so confusing and baffling. I have been hoping silicoine might fix it, or anti-wrinkling creams applied to the area perhaps?

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Hi Sensuous Virtue smile.png

Please see for details on how to heal your skin...

Essentially, single needling/ microneedling is very effective, so too is dermarolling/'ll be AMAZED at the results after 3 to 6 months (i.e. I use a shortish roller 0.25mm from for rollerderming - just please research thoroughly the best technique/ how to ensure sterile conditions etc and just don't try it on keloid scars)....

You could try it with cupping/ vacuum/ suctioning therapy....also fresh lemon juice induces collagen production (because of the high vitamin c content)...other good topicals for scars are copper peptide, retin a (or retinaldehyde/ retinoic acid - this smooths skin - just use for 6 months to 12 months), beta glucan liquid, a good dermatological product with B3 niacinamide (be careful as this is a powerful vitamin and you only need less than 5% concentration or you could damage your skin)...massage therapy (with rosehip oil) is also helpful when used in conjunction with skin needling...(i.e. 30 minutes daily for 2 weeks or 1 month only)...

Also, I am having spectacular healing results with my supergreen face mask....I highly recommend it as it contains full spectrum vital skin nutrients & growth factors: manuka honey (factor 10+) + fresh lemon juice + supergreen powder by Synergy Natural (chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass). You also should drink fresh veg/ fruit juices daily with supergreen powder & exercise gently daily to induce human growth factors. Also, get some light sunshine too daily for vitamin d.

Basically, to heal scars, you need to take a holistic approach, body, mind and soul. You need to live/ eat/ drink super healthy & think positive so your skin can repair itself naturally - and the needling reactivates the skin to heal itself almost like magic! You just need to ensure your skin has enough nutrients/ super nutrition to do this naturally/ innately. And your skin needs to have a PH neutral lipid barrier as well i.e. be supple/ hydrated, to remain healthy, glowing & conducive to preventing/ healing scars...btw, if you don't like using natural oils, look into a super hydrating skin mist like Sukin (costs less than $10), or look into a DIY rosewater face can also look at The Body Deli range which has a face mist or try Jess Organics etc. Use a gentle non-toxic dry shampoo too if it gets in your hair so you don't over wash/ over shower your skin....NB ensure you use, all natural, non-toxic organic products/ topicals)

This article offers other info which might be helpful (not sure if it works though...but some tips might be good - but i haven't tried them):

Hope this info helps smile.png

PS Ask Quirky Fox for advice re more intensive professional skin needling options...she advocates that modality...

PPS Stay away from hydroquinione (it's toxic)..I did use it but a product with B3 niacinamide is far better...even fresh lemon juice is fantastic! I've also read good reviews of Meladerm (but I've not tried it). Also, look into products by The Body Deli, Jess Organics and Pure Skin Junkie for possible alternatives....

PPPS It takes 1 month for skin cells to renew and 2-3 months for new collagen to you need to assess your skin treatment results every 3 months to get a clear idea how effective it is (but examine your skin daily to ensure your skin is, indeed, improving not regressing otherwise STOP and try something else)...usually, you'll notice significant improvement within 2 weeks to encourage you to continue with skin needling/ single needling...however, for major improvements, you'll need to wait 3 6 to 12 months your skin should be between 50% -100% improved...and for significant scarring, it should take no longer than 2-3 years to achieve 90% - 100% improvement (however, on rare occasions, it can take possibly a little longer - but that's probably because the treatment is too spaced out or not intense enough). Essentially, single needling is very effective for stubborn if you're not getting good results within 3 months with dermarolling, look into intensive single needling or intensive professional dermarolling.

  • Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.
  • Our food should be our medicine.
  • Walking is man's best medicine.
  • As to diseases make a habit of two things - to help, or at least, to do no harm.
  • Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on [God], a man should himself lend a hand.

All quotes by ~ Hippocrates, "Father of Modern Medicine"

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