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Retin-A 0.05%, Alpha Hydroxy Acid Souffle Cream, And Yasmin (Birth Control)?

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Hi, currently I am just using Retin-A 0.05% as well as Clindamycin which keeps my skin pretty clear and nice, yet it feels like a battle?

Lately, I have restarted using the Retin-A after pausing for a bit, and not getting enough sleep so it seemed to give me a wrinkle-like line on my cheek (smile line area). Is this normal for initially restarting Retin-A, since I know it is supposed to help with wrinkles? I mean, I am only 20. In about a month, I will start the birth control Yasmin, which I hope might also help with my skin although that's not the purpose I'm taking it for. Scouring the internet for solutions for both acne and wrinkles, I came across as AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) creams being touted as being one of the things you can use for them, so I purchased a AHA Souffle cream?

Do you think if I alternated Retin-A and AHA each night (not both in one day, probably too much) as well as taking the birth control, it would help my skin plump and be less prone to smile wrinkles (which just makes me look tired and I can see the skin is thin/irritated a bit) and also control my acne?

Any experiences with these 3 products or any of them in combination together?

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