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I have been trying to clear up my acne for years. I always wear foundation and concealer, but I have a trip to the water park with some people in a couple of days....

I don't have any horribly active pimples, but I do have redness and healing pimples pretty much everywhere. If I wasn't so used to wearing foundation everyday of my life, this wouldn't be a big deal. But since I literally haven't gone in public without makeup in years, I don't know what to do.

I don't want to wear a whole face of foundation (and I know I can't), but do waterproof concealers work? To cover up the reddest parts? :/

I am so insecure about my acne that even going without foundation is a HUGE step for me. Any advice? I wish I could just go swimming and not feel so stupidly INSECURE :(

Does anyone go swimming with a face full of acne and not care/just suck it up? PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DO IT!!!!

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This happened to me this weekend! My friend invited me to go swim but I was so hesitant about it because of the acne scars on my back! Imagine having to cover that up! The night before, I even tried to conceal them with a heavy duty concealer to see if it wouldn''t look weird, but they ended up looking worse and orange to my great dismay :( I knew that if I didn't go swim, I would have a shitty day just staying home by myself when I could have gone out and have fun! Just think to yourself that you'll have fun at the water park, I think you'll be more uncomfortable wearing makeup than not wearing it because it would get wiped off easily by the water (unless you are very extra careful about it, to the extent that you don't have fun, that would be bothersome, wouldn't it?). I was still super self-conscious about my back, like I would always put a towel around me or I would go in the pool after my friends so that they don't see my back, I would crouch low in the pool so that my back is hidden in the water....

I totally understand you about wearing makeup everyday and being dependant on it. I was like that for a about a year. I felt that once I stopped wearing it, I felt more free and careless. Makeup was an additional thing to worry about (keeping it from smudging, melting, greasy,etc.). Now I only reserve it for special occasions or whenever I have some place to go out to. Maybe you should start slowly, like instead of wearing makeup every day, wear it where you would feel more uncomfortable (perhaps school, work...) and don't wear it where you feel more comfortable, where you feel people won't judge you (like at a friend's house).

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My daily routine:

Morning : Wash face with Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash, moisturize with Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer w/ spf30

Before bedtime: Wash face with Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash and apply Tactuo on affected areas

Medication: 100 mg Minocycline/day

Makeup routine:

Primer: B.Kamins Corrective Mattifier

Foundation: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear foundation

Set: Revlon Photoready Translucent Finisher

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I go to my local pool almost everyday and I wear a full face of makeup. However I don't get my head wet. By the time I go home, my face feels so gross from sitting out in the sun and sweating. I hate it but I'd rather do that than not wear any makeup. I'm kinda in the same boat. I don't have any huge active ones, but a lot of tiny non-pustule type ones and redness. Like what you said, try and find a waterproof foundation, or get a tinted moisturizer. I'm actually gonna look into a waterproof foundation now too! Good luck!

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Dan's cleanser

Tea tree oil

Accutane (Claravis) 30mg

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I live in a tropical country and from where I live I can be at a beach in less than an hour. So there are weekends where we have spontaneous beach trips. And I am very self conscious about people seeing my acne and also some keloid scars on my shoulder blades. I usually have concealer on my face when I do go swimming and once done, I just reapply concealer.

At the end of the day, acne is acne and I didn't want it to get in the way of me having a good time. Hopefully we all reach a point where acne doesn't stop us from doing what we want to do. Good luck :)

Morning Routine:
- CLEANSER: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser/Acne.org Cleanser
- BENZOYL PEROXIDE : 1 pump of The Acne.org 2.5%
- MOISTURIZER: CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion + 5-6 drops of Acne.org Jojoba Oil

Evening Routine:
- CLEANSER: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser/Acne.org Cleanser
- BENZOYL PEROXIDE : 1 pump of The Acne.org 2.5%
- MOISTURIZER: Cetaphil Moilturizing LotionĀ + Acne.org AHA + 5-6 drops of Acne.org Jojoba Oil


  • Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo
  • Meftormin 500mg

  • Vitamin D - 2000 I.U/day
  • Zinc - 50mg/day

And this is all done as gently as possible. smile.png

This is my Regimen journey. ---

Ordering Acne.org Products from the Philippines. ---

This is my two year update on The Regimen and the products I have used ---

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If you wear foundation every day then absolutely, going without foundation is a huge step. I went through the same dilemma when I first started following the regimen. I couldnt wear foundation because my skin was so dry and peeling that it just made my face worse. I just took a deep breath and went to work without it. Believe me, the first 30 mins was hell and I felt so self conscious, but then I got into my busy day and I just forgot about it and carried on as normal.

If you can manage to get through the first 30 mins, then I'm sure you will be having so much fun that you'll just forget about the fact you're not wearing makeup. Just avoid all mirrors in the toilet! :)

But you could also help camouflage things with a baseball cap (to hide the forehead) and big sun glasses?

As Nicmic has said above....Its acne and hopefully you can get to a point where it doesn't rule what you do with your life. Good luck and most of all have fun! :)

After remaining clear for around 1.5 years following DKR (The Regimen), in March 2013 I decided to change to Epiduo. I use a pea size amount of epiduo each night, followed by a layer of topical antibiotic (Eryacne). I also apply Eryacne every morning and moisturise twice a day. After switching to Epiduo from the regimen I found that it took a good 3 months to get back to being perfectly clear again and now I might get one small pimple appear per month. I can live with that

I started following Dan's Regimen in September 2011 after suffering with acne for 20 years or so. I followed the Regimen instructions exactly and became 100% clear within 9-11 weeks. In December 2011 and after being consistently clear for over a month, I started to slowly reduce the amount of BP I used until I was only applying BP at night. My skin still remained clear however I sometimes switched to applying BP twice a day for a few days (perhaps once a month) if I felt a few under skin bumps starting to come up. I used acne.org products (including AHA and jojoba oil) and sometimes cetaphil moisturiser at night if I felt my skin was especially dry. In the gallery I show my week by week progress following the regimen.

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I go to the beach/pools pretty much every day in summer. I love the sun and to swim.

My tips are:

1) Don't wear ANY makeup. If you must wear very little on the way there. But wash it off as soon as you get there/wipe it off with a wipe.

2) Wear A LOT of sunscreen.

3) For one day, practice being YOU around your friends. The real 'you'.

Don't reapply. Your skin won't like it at all to go from being free in the sun and in the water to being restricted by foundation. You will look A LOT nicer without makeup and having carefree fun in the water than you would with blotchy makeup from the water (because no makeup is THAT water resistant) or peeling skin from the sun.

Make this a test run. If you get home and think 'no way in hell am I EVER doing that again' then just avoid swimming pools.

My secret ingredient: Tea Tree Oil

My favourite ingredient: cold water

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aww i know how you feel girl! i went on a college trip tour and i knew we were going to be in the pool i wasss sooooooo scared! It all turned out fine for me my friends (hotel buddies) saw me without makeup at night i was relieved not to be hiding this like "secret" but STILL when it comes 2 everyone else like the guys and other friends oh noooo i was scared ! no i was not taking my foundation off! before i went to the trip i was like you doing all kinds of research and stuff i ended up buying eester launder since thats the one people online were taking the most about i really like it i don't use it anymore but it does hide the red marks and it stays on for hours. I wore it to the pool and it didnt come of and people didnt know i had foundation on & i felt comfy too. I also wore to parties and to go boogie boarding with my friends. BUT the sucky part it cost 35 bucks & im not sure it non comedogenic however didnt break me out! its @ MACYs & 35$ which Sucks if you ask me i hate buying expensivenneessss but it also came with a makeup bag a small night cream and a mirror eyeshadow lip liner and lip gloss/lipstick so it was okay but still i hate wasting money. Oh also what you can do is request a sample from there booth go to macys and you can just ask if you can have a sample of the eester launder foundation that way you may not need to buy it. I dont use it anymore because im not as self conscious as before but i think i know how you feel

So you got two options:

1. Challenge Yourself! Go out for once without it listen to everyone else's great advice on here ! Just one time i really like Anasia's advice.

2. Go with makeup i recommend either tinted moisturizer or almay all day foundation or eester luander or the neautrogena sunscreen

SUNSCREEN always sunscreen

I know this sounds cheesy and cliche but really do what makes you happy

thats the most important decision AND HAVE FUN !

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