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Skin Damaged By Steroids Will Accutane Be My Cure? Please Help

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a couple years ago i was with an abusive boyfriend who made me bleach my skin in order for him to find me more attractive. i bleached my skin but my skin ended up forming a skin disease called perioral dermatitis. after months of looking like a hideous monster and going on various antibiotics the skin disease went away. i still till this very day get random flare ups. ANYWAY because of what happened to my skin i have tiny bumps over 90 percent of my face that do not go away,permanent blackhead like spots on my face. scars from pimples that take very long to heal. i've tried using retin a and even though it keeps my acne at bay it does nothing to remove the hideous cluster of bumps on my chin nor the tinier bumps on my face. i also have a lump deep under my skin that has never gone down. i went to a dermatoligst who prescribed acctuante to get rid of the bumps but i am very very scared and do not want to make my acne worse.anyway i was wondering if anyone thinks accutane would truly be a good choice for me and repair all this horrible damage done to my skin? the bumps i have on my chin are similar to this but a bit tinier on the rest of my face. and i have blackheads that have been on my face well over a year.

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