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Chemical Peels

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Hey again all I had some questions since Accutane doesn't seem an option. I hope this is the right topic area be cause I have active acne and I'm also trying to treat redmarks.

I just did a chemical peel with a doctor here and I THINK it was a glycolic but I forgot. Anyhoo, I'm shedding just a tiny bit but was wondering some things. First off, what's the best peel for active acne AND redmarks? Or are there two different types for each? I liked the peel because it seemed to help bring pain relief to some of my active lesions, like ones near temples. I have moderate acne but the problem with it is the frequency of it and the lack of its ability to heal at all, thus I need some help. I want to be able to keep up with these peels and get the best results. Does anybody have experiences with these types of things?

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