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Pre And Post Dermarolling Lotions

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I just bought a derma roller on amazon and have been researching it like crazy. The only thing I'm not 100% clear on is what to use on my skin before and after rolling. It seems like everybody uses different stuff. Vitamin c? Vitamin e? What are the things I MUST use? For example, would a moisturizer that contains vitamin a,c, and e work? Also, is there anything that I shouldn't put on my skin post-rolling?

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My esthetician gave me hyaluronic acid serum post-treatment to keep my skin moisturized. She also mentioned that I should avoid vitamin C serum for a few days as it can cause burns...but it's very good after the micro wounds have closed. Oh, and always wear sunscreen!!

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What size did you get Frostbitten?

Here are some options:

- The professional range at copper peptides & vitamin c serum & hyaluronic acid (but don't use these all together!)

- If you aren't using very long needles (i.e. greater than 0.5 mm), then fresh lemon juice is very good...also good to use on skin in general as it induces collagen synthesis and helps slough off the very top layer of damaged skin....I have found it very helpful on my own skin...

- sells various cost-effective ointments you might like to consider, they also have vitamin c powder to make your own vitamin c serum...

- Also, you might want to look into beta glucan liquid - many have suggested Garden of Wisdom brand (I use New Directions, but this brand has preservatives, I would only recommend it for post needling when the skin has healed i.e. 1 or 2 hours post skin rolling session). Beta glucan liquid is highly beneficial for healing damaged skin.

- a Retin a/ retinoic acid/ retinaldehyde ointment post rolling i.e. 2 hours after rolling, once or twice a week (this is very important to help resurface and remodel skin).

Also, for general skin care or a daily moisturizer, consider aloe vera or look into natural organic products from places like The Body Deli, Jes Organics & Pure Skin Junkie...even perhaps BION research...if you have particularly damaged skin, look into products with B3 niacinamide to help heal severely damaged skin.....

PS vitamin a & c are very helpful for remodeling the skin...what brand were you considering?

PPS Stay away from vitamin e until you heal your scars 100% as vitamin e can prevent scars from is, however, great for underneath your eye area to prevent wrinkles....

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