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Glycolic Acid Effective Against Pustules?

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I've been using the regimen for a couple of weeks now, after switching off of Proactiv. I'm using a gentle foaming cleanser, Proactiv 2.5% BP, and the Proactiv green tea moisturizer. I find that my skin is less irritated in general, however I am now getting sudden pustules on my face. They are large and white/yellow and look like they're about to burst. They form very quickly as well. I'll wake up in the morning with a seemingly clear face and by the end of the day I'll have 4-5 well sized pustules. This did not happen while I was on Proactiv. I've been on a very strict low-sugar, low-dairy, low-glycemic diet the past 4 months, and I follow all the rules (don't touch your face, etc.) I've seemingly traded red and irritated skin for skin with more whiteheads (or pustules). Just popping (even in the recommended way) these pustules tends to undo everything the Regimen gains for me.

From what I understand, glycolic acid (AHA) is effective against this sort of inflammatory acne. Since switching from Proactiv I have stopped using the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner which contains 5% glycolic acid. I believe this is the reason I'm having these break outs.

Would it be a smart idea to add the Toner back into my Regimen? Not only would I be getting the glycolic acid treatment back, but the toner would decrease some of the flakiness I've been getting even with the moisturizer. The toner does contain witch hazel, which is considered an irritant, but I'm not sure if it really irritated me that much.

So, add the toner to my regimen? Or find a separate glycolic acid treatment to use?

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