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Comedonal Acne. Plz Plz Plz Help :(

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If anyone, anyone at all could possibly help me ill be forever grateful! Ive got this stubborn comedonal acne that ive been dealing with off & on for a few years & which flares up in the summer, gets a little better when the weather cools down but never completely goes away. Last year in November I started using the clarasonic to try & get rid of it (acne wasn't half as bad in november as it is now) I used to clarasonic 2 times everyday for 3 months straight with no improvement at all. It actually made me break out in cysts (which I don't really get) the entire time I used it. I stopped using it in feb & was ONLY washing my face with clean & clear face wash day & night & the cysts stopped the same day. Then suddenly in march is just disappeared! I finally after years, had smooth skin on my forehead. I was soooooo happy & confident! Then one night I went out, wore makeup, had my bangs down & was sweating all night & broke out like crazy the very next day :'( & its just gotten worse, way worse since then. I went back to just washing & tried a bp cream. No luck "/ then I tried aha enhanced lotion 10% cause I read it could bring my comedones to the surface & help them go away. Boy was I wrong, again. After 3 days of using it my forehead went nuts! & hasnt gotten better since. Now, literally like EVERY pore on my forehead is a bump. I later read that the aha enhanced lotion has oil in it which is why it made my face worse. Can anyone help me please or have tips or advice? Its really starting to take a toll on my mentL health. I have 0 confidence & feel so ugly & im really depressed :'( im sorry this is so long but I wanted to add all the details. There's toooooo many comedones for me to manually extract. Not even 10% bp washes or cream get rid of this type of acne on me & idk what to do anymore. These bumps just never go away. No matter what I do. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Im begging you guys please! Thank you in advance!

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