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I've Been On Accutane Too Many Times To Count. It Seems Like It's My Only Option Yet Again At This Point.

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This is a repost of a previous discussion. I am reposting because I feel that I had put it in the wrong category.

Ok, so I'm going to try and fit this all in together. Also, excuse my grammar....I'm just typing my thoughts and they're not all perfectly spelled, or punctuated.

Awhile back I had posted that I had burned myself with TCA cross. It's 2 years later and unfortunately I am left with the permanent scars. They're certainly not what they were, but I have permanent red hyper pigmentation, and a few depressed scars. Anyway, at the moment that is the least of my concerns. I had been off of Accutane for 6 months when I was burned with TCA. My skin was relatively clear. However, I was having issues with yeast infection on my face for some reason?

As time has progressed my acne has come back and gotten worse slowly. First it was just in my beard area.... Anywhere that my beard grows, or is trying to grow in I have issues with lesions. I'm still not sure if it's folliculitis or acne. I've been on constant regimens of Doxycycline/TriSulfameth/Minocyclne with combinations of clyndamiacin phosphate, benzoyl peroxide, or benzacline. I've also included the skin speeder-uppers in the regimens such a differin, and tretinoin .01%. They all failed to clear me up. I was also briefly on Spironolactone which did absolutely nothing. Literally nothing. My breakout lingers and will slowly begin to heal, but then I break out again, and the process starts over. However, I am now left with healing lesions on top of the current. I say lesions because the ones in my beard are not like normal pimples. They're sore, deep, and not necessarily possible to drain. Just recently I'd gotten so fed up I decided it's time to laser my beard off. I just can't take the pain anymore. I haven't shaven with a razor in years. Even with an electric, I break out.. I break out even when I don't shave because my new beard hairs that are trying to grow in for some reason have issues (I just turned 19). Anyway, in general laser does seem to be making a difference BUT I have terrible breakouts after the session. It's almost like hairs get trapped in the follicles after they've died? However, when I go in for laser the current lesions I have are soothed after the session. They usually dry up and begin to heal. I'm not too sure. I mean, after that clears up, I do notice a difference. Where there is no hair I don't get ingrown...BUT if I wait too long in between treatments my beard starts to grow right back in and then I have serious issues. I have ingrowns EVERYWHERE if I wait more than a month for a treatment. My beard is thinning more and more, but in general I am STILL STILL STILL having issues with the ingrowns. Also recently I have started to get acne in areas where I don't grow a beard like my forehead and cheeks. That is abnormal for me because I haven't had issues with those kinds of breakouts since I was 13. I've been going to the same derm since I was 11. I've been on Accutane so many times I've lost count. It truly is the only thing that has temporarily cleared me, but I do not want to take it again. I've had serious issues with hairloss because of it, and I've lost 40% of the density of my hair on my scalp because of it. I also am having laser done, and I can't be on Accutane while doing that. I also have some cosmetic procedures coming up such as hair restoration, chemical peels, and other surgical cosmetic procedures. I waited to be off Accutane to have these things done. Currently I am seeing a different dermatologist and she has me on a completely different regimen. I am currently using finacia, sulfaceptamide sodium lotion, and an oral antibiotic called metronizadale. I had high hopes for the regimen because it was so different. I did see a clearing in the beginning, but it didn't breakouts are still continuing to get worse.... I tried to take things into my own hands as well and include antimicrobials VIGOROUSLY into my regime (which I still am). I use cetaphil antibacterial bar soap, and I lather it into a wash cloth. Then I pour a small amount of Hibiclens antiseptic wash, and betadine in the cloth and lather it in. I then gently wash my face, which I continuously do for five minutes to eliminate any bacteria. I wash my face 3 times a day to try and prevent bacteria. I STILL am having ingrown hairs and acne. STILL. The new derm I am visiting wants to put me on Accutane but I am so against it..... I am exhausted....... It seems like the antimicrobials would be the answer, but they're not for me?

My main questions:

How do you feel about incorporating Hibiclens and Betadine into a facial scrub regimen?

Is washing 3 times a day too much or too little?

Has anyone had results with Finacia? I thought it was odd considering it's mainly for Rossacia

Has anyone else with folliculitis found some relief in laser hair removal?

Would Electrolysis be the better route?

Are these good regimens, just not in correct combinations?

Update: I'm so frustrated that I am seriously considering Accutane yet again. I can't even keep my breakouts controlled anymore it just progressively gets worse.

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