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Rosacea Questions. Desperately Need Advice.

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I've been suffering for 5 years now with hypersensitive, red, itchy skin. This only affects my cheeks. Not my chin or nose or anything.

My cheeks are abnormally sensitive to literally everything. My last dermatologist said ive got the most sensitive skin he's ever dealt with in 10 years of being a derm. I *think* the skin sensitivity has been caused by me putting too many harsh, alcohol, perfume and SLS based products on my cheeks. I used these products for years, piling them ontop of each other like an idiot.

And now im worried that I've given myself rosacea. Is that even possible ? Is it possible to cause rosacea that way ? And if so, will it ever go away ? Or does it react the same as normal rosacea ?

My symptoms are

°Flushing cheeks - only seem to flush in the heat and in the sunlight (VERY reactive to sunlight, almost instantly).

°Always get acne-like bumps that pop up when i flush. The bumps are quite large and itchy. Sometimes they shrink in size and then fill with puss.

° Extremely reactive to topical treatments. Especially moisturisers. If i use something that my cheeks dont like, they will go very red, very itchy and will weep like a clear fluid from tiny itchy bumps.

I DONT have:

°Constant facial redness. There can be months where my cheeks arent red at all.

° Broken blood vessels anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. X

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Yeah I feel like rosacea is so...I can't even think of the word I'm looking for.. Vague? Idk. My dermatologist says I have rosacea but I don't have any visible blood vessels, and my skin is only red where I have a breakout. I definitely have normal acne but I do get some bumps that are just filled w clear liquid. Also, my skin felt irritated before starting aczone and an oral antibiotic.

Honestly, the second time I used benzoyl peroxide my face turned super red and I started being allergic to some sunscreens. Years later I make sure I actually use a moisterizers and didn't have the redness issue with BP but I'm still scared to try any chemical sunscreens just zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for me.

It's horrible that moisterizers bother you. Maybe you can filter it down to one ingredient or take an allergy test. I'm always suspicious that there is something in moisterizers that causes my skin issues but my skin really needs it. I use cerevae and that's the best for me so far. I hate avenno products they tend to sting.

But of you can maybe you can drop the soaps and use the oil cleansing method. Aloe may be ok for a moisterizers but it may sting because a lot of times it contains citric acid as a preservative. You can use jojoba oil with a little bit of water as a moisterizers, it's not so oily that way.

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That sounds like my skin condition. For years I have also abused my face from random products that I beleive caused my skin to be extremely sensitive. I have been to my dermatologist many times trying to find products that will ease my sensitive skin.

So far, through trials and errors I had found my a regiment that help ease the look and feel of my skin:

1) cleanser : Eucerine face wash (their redness line specifically for rosecea prone skin)

2)morning lotion: clinique redness solution daily relief cream( pricey but works wonders)

3)night creams: Retin A micro with Cerave PM lotion

I do break out often and I use tea tree oil on those spots only.

On days when I my skin flares up I reach for Elidel cream and apply before applying other cream. I wear less makeup.

Elidel and Retin A cream are all prescribed medications.

Good luck and I hope both of us gets through this crazy skin condition. :)

Oh lastly, a foundation that Im loving at the moment( due to its soothing non irritating properties) is Clinique's redness solution makeup SPF 15. For days when I really need to hide imperfection while at work.

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