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Is It Better To Just Leave Our Skin Alone?

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Hi Guys, I'm not trying to take either side here, I have just been thinking lately with all the risks and negative aspects of Acne Treatment (Side effects of Acne Products and Medication) in the case of Acne in the teen years, is it better to just leave our skin alone and not try to get rid of it, is it better for us in the long run? Believe me, I know why someone would try to get rid of Acne, whether it's severe or very mild, I have put myself in a bad position by trying to treat my acne and I have created so many skin problems for myself. If the Acne isn't that bad, should we just pull through our teens? I guess for me my motivation was that I just wanted to look my best and be happy with my mirror image, looking in certain mirrors that made me look unattractive was very upsetting. Is it worth all the trouble and the risk? If we don't grow out of it, sure it's worth trying to treat it but so many people have gone through the teen years with bad acne and did nothing to change it, it makes me wonder if I should have just left my skin alone. Take for example the case of Jesse Jones, the man who killed himself because of the depression and suicidal thoughts that Roaccutane brought him, trying to treat his Acne took his life but we could compare this to what probably is the the millons of cases in which Acne sufferers have finally got clear and been able to eliminate the problem from their lives, the happiness clear skin can bring is great but what is it's price?

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