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Starting The Regimen- Very Sensitive, Reactive, Oily Asian Skin

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Hi... i know that i said i was going to start this ages ago, and i did... but instead of making up excuses im just going to tell the truth to you guys: i couldn't get over the redness factor so i stopped. i just couldn't bear to have my friends look at me and go 'wtf is wrong with you?' Im just so insecure about my acne. I dont have a huge amount of acne, but its my 1 achilles heel that can bring me down to the floor and drag me across it. So i've always stopped when the symptoms get overwhelming...

i know it sounds stupid, but I couldn't go out if i looked like a red lobster. I know...i know... im never going to get rid of acne if im not willing to sacrifice 2/3weeks of redness for the rest of my clear-skinned future... but the good news is that ive started again! Except differently.

I want to document this because i want people to read my journey, and hopefully it can help them too. Hopefully my skin type and how it reacts to the treatment can match with someone else who is the same and is looking to start... PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU'RE THE SAME... Ive never met anyone who's got skin as sensitive as mine and has acne...

so here goes nothin...

My skin (ive found) is extremely sensitive... With previous attemps of this regimen ive put a pea of BP on each cheek and it seem to burn my face so badly... and after that 1 night of redness I've always stopped.


This time im doing it like a snail: slow and steady wins the game.

My products:

Cleanser- Clinique for Men (for normal to oily skin) (for mornings- its not harsh like some people might think), QV Gentle Cleanser

Benzoyl Peroxide 1.5%- GALDERMA

Moisturizers- Avene Hydrance Optimale (AHO), Avene Recovery Cream (ARC) (for when im red, putting this on literally heals the redness within a day. Its so good. its definitely worth a buy if you need some relief in both redness and itchiness).

So 2 nights ago (today's saturday, I'm talking about thursday night), i decided to finally start. i made especially sure to not use much. literally the most SMIDGEST amount on each cheek and forehead, and covered myself in moisturiser (AHO).

Friday morning (6:30AM): i got woken up by some itchiness on the sides.. i wake up and look at myself in the mirror and found that it wasn't lobster red! but it was still red. I wasn't deterred at this point. I was like: "Oh. Not bad...", and went to wash my face with my QV Gentle Cleanser. After that i just applied more cream, except using the (ARC)... then went back to sleep.

Friday DAY: the whole day i just kept the ARC on my face. It calmed down the redness a tiny bit and i was left with a tanned glow. I looked awesome ahaha.... So i didn't mind it. In terms of acne, i didn't have much acne on my face that time, only 1 stubborn one on my cheekbone, and just remnants of previous acne, but i had to say that i saw a difference (though not much) in terms of smoothness and red spots of new pimples... or maybe this was covered by the slight redness i can't be sure. But it definitely didnt get worse!

Friday NIGHT: Now THIS is when my brain does it's classic "PULL BACK" move... before i brushed my teeth, i was contemplating so much on whether i should continue it... i was going back and forth like a cray cray, but i looked at myself and jus told myself to toughen the fuck up and man up. So i did. And i'm glad i did...

To see if i could tolerate a little less of it and not be red the next morning i put a little less than what i put on the last night, and smeared it only to the sides of my face (the area away from my nose...) i figured that the skin at the bottom of my eyes and near my nose is thinner than the sides, so i thought if i put benzoyl peroxide only on the sides and let the moisturizer bring some of it to the middle area it would be better instead of applying it directly.

Saturday MORNING: I woke up. Slight itchiness on my bottom jawline, but no burning hot feeling. I went to look at myself in the mirror and it wasnt red! biggrin.png Not at all. (fist pump). So far so good. Tonight i might put on a little more and slowly push it up... we'll see.

So that's what i've got so far... I'm pretty pleased.

Deterred?: Nope. Not at all. Looking forward to the next application actually.

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