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New On Here, How To I Upload Pictures? Will The Derm. Prescribe Me Accutane ?

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Acne changes me, for the worse. Nobody knows the real me.

well anyways, I am beyond sick and tired of it. On top of everything in my life why do I have to deal with this...? on good days I can cover it pretty well with foundation but still have the superficial acne (whiteheads, clogged pores, blackheads, etc.)

I've tried A LOT of things. idk what is causing it. I spend so much time at home because of my face that I can't believe I still haven't discovered the proper treatment at least.

only thing that seems to help is the AZTEC clay mask. I'm also taking clearzine, applying pure aloe vera gel, and wash my face 2x daily with an African soap from amazon.

I eat "acne-friendly" foods , exercise, de-stress when possible, yet I still get acne.

while my sister NEVER washes her face, barely showers and has virtually clear skin.

I cry most of my day, I'm actually crying now.

I have the worse skin from all my friends .

ugh, sorry for ranting. I just need friends who k ow what this feels like. I pretend to be happy, and layer my face with foundation (prescriptives), to conceal this horror. I know, my acne wouldn't be considered severe , (it's mostly scarring & redness) but I'm so obsessed with it and self-conscious that I reject every guy that wants to be with me. I feel so alone. I just need suggestions.. please someone tell me something I don't know.. some treatment.. summer vacation is almost here

I want accutane. I will spend every single day of my summer locked in my room anyways so sun exposure will not be an issue. thanks. this post is probably very unorganized O.o PLEASE HELP ));;

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I know exactly how you feel with the frustration from trying to do everything right and still having bad skin, it's awful. The only thing that was able to help me was accutane and unfortunately after almost five years of clear/ manageable skin I've had to go back on it. Talk to your dr about accutane and see what he/she says, they'll probably want to try antibiotics first which didn't help me at all but either way your best bet is definitely seeing a Dr if over the counter stuff doesn't work. If you ever need anyone to talk to or had any questions you can contact me or pretty much anyone else on this site. Hang in there, it won't last forever and now you've taken the first step in getting clear. Good luck.

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