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What Are These Pimples?!

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Ok, this is my first post on here, very excited about joining this site! So I am going to try and explain a problem of mine on here as best as I can, if it gets long I am sorry! Hopefully someone can relate or know what I am talking about

So I have these pimples on my chin that when looking at, you cant really see anything or maybe a little red and cant feel much of a bump. But when I push my tongue up against them from the inside of my mouth it appears there is a ball of white puss there and you can feel the bump. And of course eventually they seem to get in-flammed and become what I think is a cyst.

The thing is after a long process and wait for them to go away, they will fade but that white ball of puss will still be there when I push my tongue and stretch the skin, waiting to get in-flamed again. Now I dont know what these are, are they a nodule? are they a closed comedone? are they just a cyst? there are so many possible options I have read up on, but they seem to have been there forever!

I am wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about and some ways to treat and get rid of them? they seem to have me constantly paranoid and worried

As well I am also on my 8th week of 40mg a day of Accutane. Has anyone seen results with these pimples while on it?? It seems every pimple I get now is one of these

Again sorry being long but any help or knowledge would be extremely appreciated! This constant worry over my skin really takes a toll on a guy.

Thanks everyone!

PS posted a picture of skin stretched

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