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Chamomile!excelent For Acne And Scars!

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Okay people, let me start. 2 years ago i was 17 years old and had very mild acne, i was taken to the dermatologist and gave me some differin and doxicicline, i was very clean the months afterwards. 1 year ago, i stopped buying those products, i had perfect skin i thought i didnt need them anymore, and didnt went to the dermatologist either, i was lazy. Well, it was around July/August of 2012 that i began to break out, slowly but surely, and then by november i had a horrible face. In december i began doing chamomile vaporizations, they helped me tremendously! but did it only for 14days, and i didnt do it in the correct way. Well, around January i scheduled with my dermatologist and he was like wow you have a lot of red marks, not much acne, but a lot of red marks, and deep inflamation...., so he gave me a sulfa and then repay a visit in 1 month and a half. Well, i went 2 months afterwards having no inflamation, but still, a lot of redmarks, so he gave me Tazarotene. At first (1 months) broke out horribly and well, that was a couple months ago, but now, im like 3 months and a half in the treatment and my skin loves it. I know tazarotene clears hyperpigmentation from scars, but well, they werent changing much, they were slowly changing.

So here is where the important information is!!!

So i began to use chamomile like 1 week ago, 3 times a day, in a cold tea, on my face, and the scars are.....literally 75% gone, im not lying you....There are various studies that claim its essential oils go deep in the skin and clean throughly, so ima tell you how to make the tea and how to apply it....cause im some near to having perfect skin again:

-Wash twice a lot of chamomile flowers and stems, ( the whole plant)

-Now fill about 1 liter of water with like... 50 grams of chamomile, and make it boil, and leave it boiling for 10 minutes to get the whole extrract.

-Let it cool and then put it in the refrigerator

-Apply it 3 times a day, and , im gonna tell you, what fades most the scars are the chamomile flowers, rubbed on them, the yellow pollen, massage all your scars and acne with this flowers, you will see the difference right after.

-Now., the benefit of chamomile is that it is lightening but doenst leave patches like lemon juice, doenst sting, and acts just as a soap and water, but without irritation.- You can even replace your soap and water for it, and you will love it

-By the way, im still using tazarotene. Here is my whole routine.

-Morning (7am): some nice herbal soap and afterwards i put chamomile tea on face and back and let dry. Rub flowers on scars all over. Then i use a moisturizer and sunblock

6 pm - chamomile tea in face and rub flowers on scars

Night ( 10 pm) - wash face only with chamomile , rub flowers on scars, let dry, apply moisturizer and afterwards i apply tazarotene.

A week ago you could really see my scars, my friends were very impressed last friday on the condition of my face! they even gave a toast on me jajaja, almost perfect skin. And i met them 3 days after using chamomile. they were blasted by the change!. People, ive tried maybe half a dozen herbal products, and i can tell you, the best , the best and the best treatment for scars and active acne has to combine chamomile in it, maybe along with dermatologic gels , but include chamomile, you will thank me jaja,

Bye people, tell me how it goes and maybe i can answer your questions! I have terrificly nice skin now! and my hair is turning blonder jaja :) i get double glances from people they are surprised in such little time! Imagine in a month! Some Casanova heh! Bye,! tell me how it goes! And be sure to post and try it! nothing to loose!

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eusa_clap.gif very happy to read this article. It's funny I never thought of using chammomile before. Sad it only clicked in my mind today when I was staring in the mirror trying to find a way to lighten my redmarks. (I am a horrible picker and I don't even have that bad of acne! I just cause so much harm to my own face! It's awful!) anyway, Chamomile is a melanin reducer, which is why it is so effective in lightening the appearance of dark and red marks. I use the nonalcoholic extract in this herbal concoction I made to lighten the colors of my eyes. So I currently have it sitting on my face right now and I think I can already see a difference! I think I also read it's a great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which is another reason why it is so helpful for acne. So far I'm loving it for my eyedrops! I'll report back when I see results on my acne marks.... Any advice on overcoming a picking habbit?!

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