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Mud Soap For Backne

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Almost two weeks ago, I was introduced to a skincare line called Seacret, which is a line of products with ingredients directly from the dead sea. My boyfriend's friend had us over for a spa party and we got to play around with a bunch of products.

One of the products was called a "mud soap" that supposedly was designed to clear up an assortment of skin issues -- one being acne. I was skeptical because not much has worked for me (and my boyfriend - we both suffer from breakouts).

In any case, I ordered it and began using it only a week ago.

I don't have much acne on my back, but nontheless, it was still frustrating to wear low-backed tops and dresses and have a big pimple on my back. Well, after I began using it, the VERY next day the small breakout had began drying out! And by now it has basically cleared up. I still have dark marks, but that will lighten up as time goes on.

My boyfriend had seen my results and started using it only four days ago and it's amazing how much better his back looks. Ever since he was 15, he's had bad outbreaks on his back and chest and this is the only thing that has really worked.

If you've tried product after product, I recommend trying the Seacret mud soap! I believe in it so much that I actually started being an agent for this skincare company.


The mud soap can also be used for the face as well as the entire boxy and has drastically improved both mine and my boyfriend's faces.

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