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I Dont Have Acne! I Have Perioral Dermatitis(Mouth Redness And Acne)

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I have been suffering with puss filled pustules and redness around my mouth going on 6 years now. Tried so many different ways, with zero affect.

I wake up with more and more pustules and whiteheads every day, no matter what.

I've been doing some research and found something called Perioral Dermatitis. This is not acne, but is something that looks very similar to acne that is only situated around the mouth.

An interesting thing was I had a bad rash around my nose for a few months a year before these spot lookalikes appeared and looking at some pictures it was EXACTLY what I had 8 years ago! I no longer have that rash affect but I do have redness.

WOW, after all this bulls**t ive been through.... it seems like I never even had acne!! Visiting a doctor ASAP to figure this out!!!


My skin look similar to that, but not as severe.

Hopefully this could potentially enlighten some here.

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I suggest you change to a nonflouride toothpaste

AM/PM Skin Care Routine

Facial Wash - Raw and Organic Honey or Andalou Naturals Clarifying Facial Wash

Toner - Witch Hazel extract or Andalou Naturals Clarifying Toner

Moisturizer - Sunflower Oil

Twice a week Aztec Bentonite Clay Mask


Zinc Gluconate or Chelated Zinc (Solgar) - 22/25 mg twice a day

Chromium Polynicotinate GTF - 200mcg - twice a day - helps with weight loss and insulin sensitivity

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Let us know how it turns out!

They can be hard to tell apart. Perioral dermatitis is less likely to have pustules and whiteheads, and more likely to have general redness and red bumps.

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