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Mild Bacne For 12Yrs - Advice Required Please!

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Hey Guys,

I was hoping someone could give me some advice.

I've had mild bacne since I was 16 (now 28). Only ever had the odd spot on my face.

I've been to numerous GPs and been prescribed:

Panoxyl Wash


Adapalene Gel

Dalacin T






Other products tried:

Phisoderm wash

Murad Body Acne Wash

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash

Australian Tea Tree Wash

Murad Skin Clarifying Tablets

And more which I cannot unfortumately remember!....

Nothing has helped! I also have tried not consuming bread and milk to see if it was triggered by diet. Bed sheets are washed regularly in non-bio detergent and I don't use any softener.

Does anyone have any suggestions, either prescription or non-prescription. I'm reluctant to try Roaccutane because of the side effects discussed on this website.


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Is it better in the winter than summer? Do you shower 2x a day? None of those things gave any improvement? How about switching to a sulfate-free shampoo or try head and shoulders? And make sure you wash your body after you wash your hair. If that's an area you sweat the most then you could try applying a powder during the day to absorb oil/sweat. Could also try a sulfur soap. I really wouldn't take accutane for mild bacne, yes it's annoying to you but not worth the side effects of accutane.

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Hey, thanks for your response.

It makes no difference between summer or winter - I live in the UK so we don't get much sun! :-(

Shower in the evening unless I exercise in the morning & already use H&S

None of the products I've used has given any noticeable improvement - it's certainly mild but very stubborn and persistent.

I'll certainly look into the soap & powder - thanks for the advice

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I know youve tried panoxyl wash but its worth trying a leave-on BP product, I got my back acne clear using Quinoderm (its too strong for my face but my back can take it). And I had pretty severe back acne. Takes a couple of months to work but it made such a difference for me.

Also, dont use hair conditioner - even if you try really hard not to its nearly impossible not to get a trace amount on your body.

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