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Closed Comedones-How To Know When They're Out!

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Okay, so I've read a lot about closed comedones and I'm wondering a few things.

For one, I have tried several different methods of treating them. Some of them seem to work, and the bumps go away. It's like the gunk (for lack of better word) has finally surfaced and removed itself from my pores. But then, days later the pore has the hard, sand-like stuff inside of it again.

I guess what I'm asking is, once the stuff comes out, is it supposed to be recurring? Why do they go away for a few days and come back?


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i think one goes away but a new pore gets clogged.its not necessarily the same pore but could be so.

if u try keeping the pores unclogged and removing the upper dead layer on a regular basis,things may get better.

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