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Allergy/ Sensitivity Tests

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This was brought up before, but I couldn't find any definitive and updated answers as to what the best way of testing for food allergies AND intolerances is, and what the options are for people living in the US in terms of service provides/ companies etc. I just found out that my insurance can cover most of the costs for allergy testing, so I figured I might as well get tested but I would also like to test for intolerances. I have tried several elimination diets, but I suspect that my biggest intolerances (maybe not full-blown allergies) are triggered by random things that are hard to eliminate, maybe some cooking oils or food spices. Anyway, I'm sick of the guesswork and being afraid to introduce anything new into my diet, so I'll give this a try.

What tests would you recommend? I mostly have a vegetarian diet with some fish, so I would obviously test for those types of foods. I read about different methods to diagnose allergies - saliva, blood, stool, and digital...which one would be the most accurate for intolerances, rather than just allergies? I would ideally like to find a company that also tests for candida and other gut & liver issues, and maybe deficiencies (like Immunolabs do).

Current regimen: garlic supplements  & turmeric [as needed, for antioxidants, both are AMAZING for skin], Enzymedica gluten blocker/ digestive enzymes [as needed], nicadan [the only vitamin presciption I take -1/2 per day works well], DIM (needed), inositol (very rarely nowadays - no longer needed as my PCOS is balanced). Also trying herbs for adrenal fatigue. I try to simplify as much as I can. Don't take more supplements than you need....try one at a time and be patient.

The supplements that really helped me when my acne was at its worst: inositol, DIM [not as frequently now!] digestive enzymes [don't need them every day anymore, only on cheat days], herpanacine & vitamin C with rose hips/ low acid [not every day], regular sun exposure for vitamin D3, superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme supplements. NOTE: I do not recommend DIM for long term use, and I do not recommend hormonal creams without doctor supervision.

Lifestyle & Skin Care: acupuncture, regular exercise/ yoga, low histamine diet, avoiding unnecessary stress, balancing skin's PH (using BioClin and other products), using distilled/ filtered water to wash face, occasional high frequency & lactic acid peel facials...


Grocery list:



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u can always go for medical procedures but sometimes they aint as accurate.

u would want to check TREATACNE - she did the food test and was told that she isn't intolerant to night shade members.but later through an elimination test she found out it made her eczema worsen and go all "firetruck red"(as she says!;p )

but if ur mediclaim supports test,there is no harm is checking for once.

after which u could double check by eliminating or adding.

Itchy red raised skin - dermatitis??

huge pores

indented scar

oils used for cooking

inflamed whiteheads & clogged pores

my balanced diet chart and skincare routine(medications taken & products used now)

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