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Pure Herbal Treatment For Acne, Really?

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Hi All,

Lets start by clearing the AIR blood.

We all seem to be quick at trying to apply products and chemicals to our faces and bodies to help cure the acne/spots that are naturally occurring (I am guilty of this also). O.K fair enough desperate measures call for desperate actions, but why do we turn to the un-natural option? Why do we think the pharmaceutical companies and their drugs offer the fastest and most effective results?

Well first and foremost the cause of acne and spots it internal. I wont go into the nitty gritty of it but it is caused by toxins in the blood, hormonal imbalance and the foods we eat also trigger spots to appear (My "spot" food is chocolate..... I know, could it have been anything worse??).

We need to blow the grey cloud away that is hovering over herbal treatments because they actually work! I am living testimony that they do. Almost 14 years ago at the age of 20 I had very bad acne so know exactly what one experiences especially during that crucial time when starting at university and confidence is very important. I tried everything you have probably tried and more but refused to take the pharma option due to the "possible" side effects. I asked myself "Would I really want liver cancer in exchange for a clear face?", I thought not!

Only then I was given a herbal mixture (ground herbs/ powder form) that my aunt made for me that had been pasted down to her. These are the kind of things that were used when doctors were not a common profession and the only option was the natural herbal option for people in rural areas. I started eating it and within 3 weeks all my acne had cleared away. Fourteen years on I am spot free and sharing the mixture with friends and family. I have not seen anything that works faster or more effectively and nor have the people that have been trying it for themselves.

So my point is if you really want to get rid of your spots and want to keep them away then you need to tackle the root of the problem. By cleaning your blood you will not only see that the spots clear away it will also keep you looking healthier and prevent other skin related issues. The herbs act as a blood purifier and you will see that as a result your skin will have a glow about it as the cells regenerate wiping away your scars.

The power of herbs should not be written off . Trust the natural remedies because they have been around for hundreds of years and remember most if not all pharmaceutical medicines are derivatives of natural plants, herbs and the remedies of the "old times".

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Thank you for reading!

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