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99.9% Clear With Regimen + Diet

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I just thought I'd say - I'm 99.9% clear as a result of using the regimen for about 2 months.

And I mean - Cleanser, BP Treatment, Moisturizer, and occasionally, AHA+.

A brief summary of my experiences with acne:

  • Developed moderate acne at age 17. I'm now 28.
  • At age 20 I decided to start helping the acne through diet. I had pretty good success, taking my acne from big cysts to just tiny whiteheads.
  • I strongly believe acne is connected with diet. Sugar & Refined Carbs (white bread, white pasta, and so on), Gluten, Wheat, are in my opinion the most deadly acne causers.
  • My diet consists now of simply: Protein (Red Meat, White Meat, Fish, Seafood, Eggs, Nuts - all from organic & super high quality, antibiotic free sources) & Masses of fresh green vegetables, and small quantities of fruit & other vegetables like carrot and peppers.
  • My ultimate anti-inflammation, acne-curing super trick is to skip breakfast, and have like a pint of fresh green juice and a large 2Oz shot of wheatgrass instead. Your digestive system then has a break to clear up all the waste in your system, and you're simultaneously filled with tons of vitamins and minerals, mental clarity improves, and I can literally feel any subtle hint of inflammation in my skin subside. I'd be very surprised if anyone prepared to skip breakfast for a month, have fresh organic green juices & a 2oz shot of wheatgrass in the morning, didn't see a huge improvement in their skin (and also energy levels and mental well-being).
  • Despite this, my skin still wasn't 100%. I'd still get like maybe 2-3 spots per week. Not cystic, just tiny whiteheads, but I'd need to pop them or they'd never go away, and this would sometimes leave a bloody mark on the face which didn't look good.
  • I mean, nobody is perfect - what if I want to have a nice molten chocolate cake? Or what if I'm starving and there's no health food around? What if someone offers me bread and so on when I'm staying in their home, and it's rude to refuse? What if I'm a little stressed and tired out? I just didn't want to suffer and break-out in these scenarios. I wanted constant peace of mind, to know I'd never get a spot.
  • Finally, after having known about the regimen for years, I decided to give it a go. 2-3 months in and I now just practically never get a single spot. There have been maybe 2-3 very small spots in 3 months. I'll confess I'm not always applying the treatment twice a day - I don't want to dry my skin out too much, and since my skin had become pretty damn clear before the regimen (via my intense diet), I felt like there was no need to be too aggressive with the BP.
  • Those 2-3 spots came after going out and drinking a ton of alcohol with my buddies, and smoking a load of cigarettes, so I only have myself to blame. I think without that behavior, there wouldn't have been a single spot in past 3 months.

Thank you Dan and the regimen! I think permanently 99.9% clear skin is available for me now, no need to live in fear of eating the wrong thing anymore.

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I m so jealous of your skin.I am on regime two months and 1 week.but i add aha now I get new acne is realli depressing :(

I think i should follow your diet and eat less bread and rice :)did u get any new acnes after aha

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Congratulations on clearing with the regimen. Please keep us up to date on your success and perhaps post pics to show newbies your achievements!! :)



DKR Photo Gallery


Skin Care Regimen


Mornings: Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, One pump application of BP, One pump of Dan's moisturizer one drop Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Liquid SPF 70

Evenings: Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, One pump application of BP, One pump of Dan's moisturizer and two drops of Dan's AHA+

During Breakouts: Apply 2 pumps of BP and Moisturizer with AHA+ until breakout subsides

Daily: Take multivitamin (WholeFoods 365 brand), probiotics

Makeup: Bare Minerals, wash brushes once to three times a week depending on usage.

Makeup Removal: Swipe jojoba oil to remove eye and facial makeup, wash with Hydrating Cleanser for 4 seconds, rinse, then cleanse for 6 seconds, BP, moisturize

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Hi there Gillian,

Yep I don't think you can disconnect diet from acne. White rice, bread, pasta, carbohydrates with gluten tend to be a major problem.

My diet is primarily high quality organic protein sources - meat, fish, peanut butter & TONS of cruciferous and green vegetables, fresh green juices, salads and so on. I'll take un-sweetened (or just stevia sweetened) protein with fresh coconut water as well, as I work out a lot.

All the common foods that aren't on that list, in my experience, are break-out risks: bread, pasta, white rice, anything with sugar in it, dairy.

Obviously it's very important to follow the regimen closely as well. I find it also helps to get just 15-20 minutes a day of direct sunlight (careful never to burn) - good for Vitamin D levels.

The other thing I can say about AHA - it's crucial that you DON'T USE TOO MUCH!!! AHA is very acidic and can irritate your skin which will just cause more acne. I often dilute my AHA a little bit with moisturizer. I am obsessive about not touching my skin unless I've washed my hands with a nice soap - this is important too.

I don't have any before pics, I would hide from having pics when I had acne! Couldn't bear to torture myself by looking!

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