Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?

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Hi, I'm not sure what the massage method in the first post is supposed to be performed:

"USE BOTH HANDS AT SAME TIME and do forward and back massage using front and tips of fingers and palms (where you can). Circular massage will not work. To avoid skin pulling/stretching tighten skin by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. The massaging friction rubs them away and forces a clear new skin to appear."

Will I use both fingers and make them go opposite directions past eachother at the scarring site? And how much force do i need to apply. I have scars under my lips and chin area. Can massage from inside with tongue help; like if i push the tissue outwards stretching the skin and moving my tongue around...

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Yes, its true. Below is my account for the acne-marks treatment.
I suffered from severe acne attack for 1.5-2 years on my face. When subsided a little I saw the same article which mentioned than vigorous facial massage can get rid of facial marks and discoloration. I had many black, brown and red spots specially of my cheeks and forehead from acne. I could not keep my hands of my face during acne attack, therefore most of the spots were in dark colors due to nail piercing the acne. According to me it was severe condition if not some of those  extreme cases which we get to see when googled. I started those vigorous facial facial massage. I did not use the moisturizing or anti-scar creams available in market as I caused more harm than good to my skin. I used mostly Bio-oil or olive oil or sometimes coconut oil (in short any natural light oil will work). Wash my hands and face properly before the massage session. Pour sufficient oil (but not too much). Start will smaller amount of oil and keep adding in between the massage to get a somewhat reduced friction for the massage  (too much will get rid of entire friction which will not help much). I followed the Sanford Bannett massaging technique and tanaka face massage techiqnue on my face and neck. I did this one-hour facial massage for 5-6 times a week for 2-3 months . I could see visible decrease in marks and improvement in my skin quality. After about 3 months I reduced the treatment to once a week and after 4 months I was too tired and running out of time as I had to relocate to a new place. But the healing process went on inside, and the end for 6 months my husband asked me where are all those marks and scar went, and it was then that I noticed that marks are no longer visible from a distance. If I went to close to mirror and inspect, I could see some lighter spots. So in order to get rid of this lighter spots I have started this Sanford Bennett treatment on my face again. Presently I am doing this face massage 2-3 times a week for one-hour everytime using Olive oil. I did not have indentation and raised acne scars luckily. SO I am not sure if these can be treated by vigorous facial massage.

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