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Spironolactone User - Need Advice!

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Hi, I'm a 29 year old female with adult acne. I've never gone a DAY in my life without a pimple on my face. I'm going to be 30 in August and I've just had ENOUGH of it.

My acne is primarily on my chin, jaw line, and around my mouth. The pimples get big and seem to last forever and I'm guilty of picking them, which is why I have acne scars in those places too.

I finally saw a dermatologist. AGAIN. I've been seeing different dermatologists since I was 15. She wouldn't put me on accutane even though I told her I'd tried EVERYTHING else. Guess I was wrong. She put me on Spironolactone. I take two a day totaling 100 mg a day. She also told me to wash my face with a certain cleanser and gave me Retin-A cream to put on at night. I've been taking the pills and doing the regimen since.

I started the pills and regimen on March 25th of this year. It is now May 18th so it'll be 8 weeks on Monday. My skin is STILL the same, if not WORSE. And if I put makeup on you can see the dry skin and it doesn't go away with lotion or anything. It looks terrible.

I'm also wondering if it matters WHEN I take them. Could I take them both at the same time at night? Or maybe 1 every 12 hours? Should I be more consistent in when I take them every day? Help, please! I just want this to WORK.

I know my doctor said it will take about 3 months, but there's been NO improvement and I'm very discouraged and just as miserable. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm on my 4th month of spiro and it's worked wonders for keeping my skin clear after a course of accutane I did. I started breaking out 3 months later so I started the spiro and I'm just getting a spot here and there.

I take a 100mg pill every morning but I know a lot of people take them one in the morning and then one before bed. I've not had issues with only using it once a day though. Alittle encouragement this medication takes atleast 3 months to start showing its results and some girls don't actually start clearing until 6 months or longer. You have to have patience with this stuff. But in the long run this is probably your best bet with medication.

I did accutane a 7 month course of accutane and I didn't get long term results at all. 3 months later I start breaking out on my cheeks and forehead and jawline. So in my case accutane wasn't worth all the side effects and the effect I still have from it. So give the medicine a chance to show its working. At your 3 month appointment ask to go up to 150 or even 200 some people need the higher dosage to clear you might be one of those people! Best of luck and hang in there it'll work


AM: CeraVe foaming face wash, 100mg Spirolactone

PM: CeraVe foaming face wash, witch hazel, AHA+

Been taking Sprio since 1/2013

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