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How I Got Clear With A Proper Diet And..

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Hey guys!

I have been suffering from moderate acne since around 5 years now. After learning about this website I have made a lot of changes to my diet and lifestyle which are really helping me be clear.

What I did:

I have realized that I was consuming way too much cola and Lays and other chips which have way too much sodium and salt.

Also realized since I am a vegetarian eating whole grains does affect your face.

I also used products that claimed they were natural and organic but actually they just had the essence of certain plants.

What I did :

Clear acne externally :

Use proper protection when in the sun ( I live in India)

I have actually stopped using any product on my skin.

I only wash my face and once a week apply a mask of fullers earth and water.

Try to be relaxed and not take a lot of stress.

Clean acne internally:

Juicing everyday! Carrots, celery , beet, kiwi , cucumber.

I have reduced my caffeine content to just one cup coz I can't do without.

Eat fresh vegetables.

Drink green tea.

Use a lot of olive oil for your vegetables.

Have fresh salad everyday.

Exercise! Doesn't matter what you do. If you don't exercise, may sound silly but try attempting handstands. They push blood circulation on your face which might help you.

MEDITATE!! (visualize some sort of gel being applied to your skin that is repairing your skin and the cells within)

Thank you I can't tell you how you have changed my life.

(I still have tiny little bumps on my skin sometimes but the pimples have all gone, the marks have all faded and I actually have started to glow)

One of my biggest wishes was to have skin that would be clear and that would glow in the cheekbones.

Hope this helped! Be positive! :)

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and what worked for me may not work for you but you can do all this and take your medication for faster results :)

P.s: that's a before and after picture.



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i am from india as well.

am quite surprised u got celery and kiwi as a common stuff here(although might be a common product in ur state).

what am curious about is whether or not u used any cleanser?if yes,then which one?

also,did gluten /wheat(that is the chapati we usually have) have any effect on u?

and what age did u start getting acne?and when did u finally get rid of it?

Itchy red raised skin - dermatitis??

huge pores

indented scar

oils used for cooking

inflamed whiteheads & clogged pores

my balanced diet chart and skincare routine(medications taken & products used now)

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Yes you are absolutely right, getting rid of sugary and processed foods is the way to go. You can have as much veggie, fruits, grilled chicken and grilled fish as you want and you would see that acne will stay miles away from you, but the moment you take to processed and sugary foods again the acme infestation will be back.

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