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Results: 2 1/2 Months On Solodyn/ziana/benzaclin

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Well, I'm back to posting on the forum after incessant surfing these past 2 months. I recently completed my 10th week on a combination of Solodyn 80 mg, Ziana, and Benzaclin. I had my derm check-up today and I honestly had a mental breakdown and demanded Accutane for some lingering body acne despite the improvement in my face. The dermatologist assured me that my face isn't too bad and told me that the only way she'd prescribe me Accutane is if I visit a psychiatrist and they write me a note saying it's okay I proceed with treatment. I'm fairly certain she became worried once I told her I'd been extremely depressed and limited because of my acne these past 2 months. She couldn't believe that acne was the only thing behind my depression despite my claims. She definitely seems to buy into the link between Accutane and worsening depression. Nevertheless, seeing that my face had made improvements, she upped my Solodyn dosage to 105 mg (I'm 160 lbs) in hope that this is the answer to my problems. I'm still very much considering taking the Accutane step if I can get a psychiatrist appointment soon enough. Okay, rant over. I'll attach some pics of how my face looks now, after 2 1/2 months on the aforementioned treatments. Any thoughts, opinions, and advice would be highly appreciated. I apologize for the lighting, but you can certainly see what my face looks like at a normal distance. Just trying to get my social life back on track - can't let the girls slip by, haha! :)





Be honest with yourself, being a hater demonstrates insecurity.

Chin up, everyone.

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