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Make Up For Guys

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Hi guys/girls

I have moderate and sometimes worse when I break out. a lot of it is just the pigmentation I think. Anyways I wanna start wearing make up (im a guy) on a night out just to cover up those blemishes or active spots. I'm aware people are gonna be like what the hell? if your a guy, and some people might say don't because it makes it worse. Not hear for that, I'm hear for advice because I literally do not know the first thing about make up ha. I'm pale complexion.

Any replies would be great


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I recently purchased a gel bronzer from clinique that gives your skin a more tanned appearance, which reduces redness in the face and covers hyperpigmentation. It's also directly made for men too and is oil-free!

To cover up blemishes I would say use a concealer stick. There's a lot that are directly aimed at acne-prone people. I can't really recommend a brand because I don't use one myself. Clinique do one in the same line, but I haven't yet purchased it.

Here's a link to the bronzer -

Since you're from Essex, I'm sure you won't be the only guy wearing bronzer out there! :)

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- w7 Anti Redness Primer

- Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer

- Real Techniques stippling brush (to pat the concealer in and make it look natural)

That is all I would suggest as a starting point. Both non comedogenic and not obvious at all.

You need to be careful with ANY makeup used for nights out if photos are going to be taken because if it contains any titanium dioxide or zinc oxide then you will get flashback which will turn your face white wherever there is makeup. The same thing happens with many powders, especially HD powders.

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Morning Routine:

- Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser

- Boots Time Delay AHA Toner

- Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

- Hyaluronic Acid Serum (homemade)

- Hazelnut oil with rosemary + clary sage (on acne prone areas)

- Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream (10% Glycolic Acid)

- SK:N Sunscreen SPF 30

- W7 Camera Ready Primer

Evening Routine:

- Lush Ultrabland + Washcloth

- Soap & Glory ULTIMELT Hot Cloth Cleanser + Washcloth

- Boots Time Delay AHA Toner

- Differin 0.1% cream

- Hazelnut oil with rosemary + clary sage (stops oil production)

- Vitamin C Serum (also homemade) OR

- Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum

Once/Twice a week:

- Green Clay Mask (+ salicylic acid)

- Exfoliate with No7 skin cleansing brush

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