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Coconut Oil Is Amazing!

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Okay so im really new to this and i know theres a bunch of people on here who talked about their experience using coconut oil to treat acne so i just thought id register and chime in for people who are iffy about trying it!! Ive been dealing with acne for years and never kew what it was because i was using good face wash(vichy) and making sure my skin wasnt oily and what not and nothing seemed to work. i tried cutting out sugar and it was still bad. i used every product you can think of including well known products like Proactive, Clinique acne solutions, Neutragena skin ID etc, antibiotics etc. and my last resort was Accutaine but i REALLLY didnt want to use it because i know people who have and there are serious side effects and its also really expensive if you arent covered! i also tried a chemical peel and ll it did was burn my skin and didnt even peel!! So last year i ended up going off my birth control and a little while later my skin got really bad and i thought hmm maybe its my hormones? so i went back on the birth control and it seemed to clear up a little. But anyways i heard about coconut oil for wrinkles and what not (not that i have any im only 25 lol but i do like to tan outside) so i googled it and saw all the benefits and saw people saying they used it on i decided to give it a try because like anyone else with acne i was desperate and just wanted clear skin! I've been using it for about 3 weeks but at the same time i was taking Biotin to help my hair grow..and read reviews saying how bad it makes skin break out..and it def did and i thought maybe the coconut oil wasnt i stopped the biotin and just use the coconut oil...i rinse my face with hot water and then massage the coconut oil on my face for a few minutes then rinse it and dry it off lightly and then add a bit more and rub it in really good and go to bed and repeat in the morning..and my skin is clearing and my scars from previous pimples are lightening! im SOOOO happy!!!! i know people are skeptical about trying it because yeah its an oil and people think umm oil on my face?? but seriously its amazing and doesnt clog your pores..for the people who say it clogs pores..they must be using the wrong stuff! I use the Nutiva brand and its amazing and smells amazing. I also put some in my tea. But seriously if your skin is bad and youve tried everything it IS worth a shot! and its so natural and cheap! i paid about 12.99$ for a jar and it lasts a long time...for me not so much lol because i use it in my hair and as a body moisturizer and i ingest it too. So please just give it a try you have nothing to lose if your skin is already bad! Luckily i didnt have the "purging" problem some people have said they had when they started.

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