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Lard For Scars

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Hey guys, don´t know if this will actually help anybody but I just wanna share my bit.

It is an old treatment that our grandmas used to use in my country (Europe). For healing any wounds or scars or even wrinkles they would use pork fat (lard) or an ointment made from lard and callendula extract.

Interestingly, I have actually met a plastic surgeon that swears at lard as the absolutely best treatment for scars he knows. And my friend was recommended to use lard after her surgery for treating the scar by her doctor as well. Overall it seems to be very popular between surgeons here.

It might be merely a moisturising effect that makes it a good agens for treating the scars but I think it´s worth trying.

I haven´t tried it yet (I have just recently recalled that I know about it) but I´m going to...

Otherwise from my experience I can definitely recommend rosehip oil and shea butter. You can´t expect them to solve all your problems and make your skin look like you are a porcelain doll but they both speed up the healing quite a bit. Be careful with the shea butter though, it breaks me out like crazy. I just use it on small parts of my face.

Good luck to everybody!

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