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Water Quality

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My skin has broken out terribly since I moved in with my boyfriend. I found out it's because he has 'hard water'. I have never in my life showered in hard water (until the past few months). And I really notice the difference with my hair, skin, laundry, dishes etc. I have SO many bumps on my forehead and cheeks, and pustule type acne on my chin (Which I only used to get once a month).

We have put a filter on the shower head which helps a bit, as my skin was literally burning and red after a shower, but it does not make the water any softer. Today I washed and rinsed my facial skin with distilled water and did not let any of the shower water touch my face. Unfortunately I had to wash my hair in it(shower water) but I noticed an immediate difference on my facial skin after the distilled water. I would love to wash my hair in it too but at $3 for 4L it would get quite expensive considering how thick and long my hair is. My skin felt softer and after applying my moisturizer it actually felt like it really sunk in rather than this slimy residue feeling.

I am hoping this will fix the problem! Anyone else noticed this problem with hard water? It's the bane of my life and I'm terribly upset about it!


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