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Hormonal Acne, Rosacea Or Both?

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Hello, I'm a 26 years old girl. I'm from Spain so I apologize for my bad english. When I was 21 years I went through a very stressful period in my life and got acne in my face and my hair started to shed. I went to the doctor and he put me on Yasmin which made me to improve a lot of my issues. I also was diagnosed with PCOS, although I don't have another typical symptoms (I'm underweight, have regular menses, etc). Due to its side effects I have to leave the pill Yasmin, and then my problems returned. Hair loss and acne, specially in the chin area. Since then I tried to solve the problem with natural medication (agnus castus, brewer's yeast, zinc, etc) which made an slight improvement. I also tried doxycycline, and minocycline which also helped, but it wasn't enough. Every month, with my period those painful cysts started to appear in my chin.

Last summer, I tried Spironolactone, during 2 months. I have to quit out because it increased my shedding a lot...And a couple of months later, I noticed a redness in my face it didn't were before. My cheeks, that recently where so white, became so reddish!

I always noticed my skin was so red, even compared to people who have acne, but this time it really scared me. I noticed too, my face become more red with the cold wind of the winter, but my acne in fact worsens in summer. When I get up and look in the mirror, my face looks so pale, but a couple of minutes later, it becomes red again.

To better explain myself, my face is red in a very accurate areas. Those areas are usually red, even if I don't have any pimples or marks that time. First it was only areas 1, 2, and 3, which are the areas where I usually get pimples. But now, areas 4 and 5 are red too, since last summer. I never get pimples in the cheeks or the nose, and if I get them are tiny, nothing to worry about, but I feel the skin extremely oily, and sometimes it feels like the skin was burning, don't know how to explain, it feels like when you know you are blushing. It is so strange because in the areas that aren't colored, my skin is pale, and crystal clear. I occasionally get a little pimple or something like that, but sooo small.

I have to go to the doctor soon, but I would like to know if anyone knows what can it be and it can help me sad.png Thanks, and sorry for the long text.



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Hello... Only a doctor can diagnose whether you are suffering from hormonal and/or rosacea... Unfotunately, you may have to wait it out and see what the derm tells you, then proceed from there. Best of luck!! :)



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