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What To Do For Acne After Accutane

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Hello everyone,

I know there are a few similar topics around here which I've read, but I can't say it helped.

I had bad acne since 11-12 years old. I used many products dermatologists would give me, mainly ointments, but nothing really worked.

Last year my dermatologist suggested we should do a laser treatment (something photothermal, i don't know exactly) once per 15 days for 6 weeks.

Eventually, laser treatment didn't helped my acne as i would continue breaking out, but the redness indeed eliminated.

Then I started considering Accutane. When I asked him(Summer 2011) to prescribe it to me, he said I won't have to do it, as I'm still young and all these hormones still are powerfull and it will go away itself.

Then he called my(December 2011) and told me we should do it, and acne will go away surely. Then I was about 60 kg (132 pounds) so we started with 40mg/day.

He told me acne will be very worse in the second month. So it happened, but acne continued to be worse even at the end of third month. He then said I could get a third pill every 3 days. I continued to break out even at the beggining of sixth month.

When I finished I had some pimples in my back, and he told me those would go away in summer, which indeed happened (really swimming in summer, every year, clears 95% of my back acne). So I finished Accutane in June 2012 and my face was 100% clear (no oilment, not pimples, not scars at all)

In December 2012 i started to break out again (just a few simples), but acne was coming, gradually, back. Now I have a few pimples in my face (I used benzoyl peroxyde and now topical isotretinoin) and some in my back.

I don't really know what to do. I get sometimes cystic pimples, in my face and in my back, and my skin is very oily again.

Should I go to Accutane again? Does second course have better/permanent results?

Should I just wait? Will my acne never go away?

I m planning to visit my dermatologist next month.

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Hello.. For some, acne is a life long problem (at least for me it is) so you may have to deal with it. If you don't care to return to accutane for a second time, you may want to try Dan's regimen ( for controlling your current mild acne. From experience, it's best to nip it in the bud as soon as it becomes an issue. Since it's currently mild, then the regimen may be best for you. If it turning more severe, as it was in the past, you may want to speak to your derm about a second trial of accutane. Best of luck and keep us up to date on your progress. :)



DKR Photo Gallery


Skin Care Regimen


Mornings: Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, One pump application of BP, One pump of Dan's moisturizer one drop Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Liquid SPF 70

Evenings: Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, One pump application of BP, One pump of Dan's moisturizer and two drops of Dan's AHA+

During Breakouts: Apply 2 pumps of BP and Moisturizer with AHA+ until breakout subsides

Daily: Take multivitamin (WholeFoods 365 brand), probiotics

Makeup: Bare Minerals, wash brushes once to three times a week depending on usage.

Makeup Removal: Swipe jojoba oil to remove eye and facial makeup, wash with Hydrating Cleanser for 4 seconds, rinse, then cleanse for 6 seconds, BP, moisturize

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