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Hi, my name is Zelaine. I have fought with acne for about seven years. I remember my first pimple at 12, I was horrified and then it just got worse. My back, my chest, and my face were unrecognizable, full of red bumps that just did not go away. There came a point where I became very depressed I didn't want to go to school; I didn't even want to see the light of day. My mother in a desperate attempt to help me took me to a dermatologist. The doctors did not put much thought in my situation and just said "oh your here for acne, then we'll put you on antibiotics". I cannot tell you how much that changed my life. I was happy again. What they don't tell you is that the antibiotics they use for acne are extremely strong some even used to cure serious infections. I became so addicted to these antibiotics that 6 months of taking these pills turned into 4 years. I would find any excuse to convince my mother to let me keep on taking them and since the dermatologists would say I could take them until I was 23 I was the happiest person alive. I can say that after four years the antibiotics were no longer working and after a year of doctors appointments I was diagnosed with gastritis for having consumed so many pills. At 17, I was forced to stop taking what had held me together for so many years. The acne came back, but it came back stronger and I was left worse then before I had started. In my search for a cure, I found Amway products. For me, Amway was not only learning how to treat my skin, but how to use healthy products that would benefit me inside and out. There are so many Amway products that are so beneficial for the treatment of acne and that take care of and help the skin. Throughout this journey, I learned that the more natural the treatment the better. For instance, Amway offers a supplement that works with the skin from the inside out and its completely natural. I do understand that not every product is for everyone, but the great thing about Amway products is that they give you three months to try the product if it doesn't fit you, you can return it, stress free. If there are people, who you like to get more information on some products I would be more than happy to help you. My email address is My Amway website where you can see these products is I would rather be emailed first though so that I can advice you on some products and what your situation is. I honestly just want to help and spread the word about these products because it really changed my life and now at 19 I barely have acne.

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