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Bacne Hyperpigmentation

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Hi guys! i have acne on my face, back, and upper arms

the pimples on my face come and go, and while they do leave behind slight brown marks (hyperpigmentation!) the brown marks usually fade in 2 or 3 weeks

however, the marks on my back and arms don't seem to be fading at all and have been there FOREVER!!!! i have tried everything to get rid of them: lemon juice, tca peels (nothing really changed...), aloe vera, bio oil, fading creams, EVERYTHING! but nothing has worked :( summer is coming up and i would really like to be able to wear a tank top or dress without feeling self conscious about my back :'(

how come my bacne marks arent fading at all while the ones on my face fade so quickly? and do you guys have any suggestions as to how to get rid of them or fade them?!


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