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How To Wean Off Of Doryx (Doxycycline) Also Vitamin Questions?

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So I started Doryx (Doxycycline) on April 9 and it's May 8 here and I want to wean myself off of it. It's been a month and I started having good results at the 2 week mark but now I have 7 active pimples on my face (happened in 2 days) and antibiotics are not a permanent solution so I want to stop taking them.

How should I go about this? Currently I take 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. Should I start taking it just once a day for a week, or every other day or what? I don't want to drag the process forever but I also don't want to break out insanely either.

Also, I've decided to start taking zinc and Vitamind D3 tablets instead when I finish Doryx. How much of each should I take per day and how often? Would you also suggest taking them with or without food?

Thanks guys.

My Skincare Routine

Face Wash: Thursday's Plantation Tea Tree Oil Acne Face Wash
Sunscreen: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face SPF50+ (Matte Finish)
Make-up: Rimmel Match Perfection, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Make-up Remover: Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes (Fragrance Free)
Face Wash: Thursday's Plantation
Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash
Gently Scrub Face with Table Salt
100% Witch Hazel Toner
Apply Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream

Doryx 50mg Morning and Night
Tretinoin Cream .025%
8 Month Course of Roaccutane at 160mg a Day in 2003

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AHOY me log

first course 2010

week 1/2- 20mg

week 3/4 -30mg

month 2 - 30mg

month 3 - 30mg

month 4 - 40mg

month 5 - 40mg

month 6 - 40mg

second course 2012

month 1 20mg

month 2 40mg

month 3 30mg with prednisone

month 4 30mg with prednisone

month 5 40mg with prednisone

Yaz - birth control tablet

Zinc - liquid supplement

Vitex agnus castus - tablet form

Chinese Blood Tonic - twice daily

We're not out of the woods yet little bear...

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