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Genuine Or Scam?

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Just look at this claim: "Clear skin within 24 hours GUARANTEED". Anyone pretending to be able to clear skin within 24 hours is -excusez le mot- a lunatic. I wouldn't waste my money on this. If you want to take a holistic approach, have a look at the diet & holistic health forum here, just don't take everything people say there for granted, do your own research. The only ebook I would recommend (and I've read most of them) is "Clear for Life" by Seppo Puussa. He doesn't claim to know it all and his findings are actually backed up by scientific evidence.

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Sadly, I think this is a scam. Unfortunately, the skincare industry is a gigantic business where companies play off of our insecurities - and most of the time the products they're pledging don't work as advertised.

Some of us acne sufferers are so desperate that we'll believe anything we hear... That was me a few years ago. Companies have figured this out and used it to their advantage.

Here's the claims that make it sound very suspicious to me:

  • "#1 SELLING ACNE CURE". Technically these companies are aloud to say whatever they want about their products regardless if it's actually true or not.
  • "OVER 1,000,000 PEOPLE CAN'T BE WRONG". Judging by the fact that I've never, ever heard of this... and 1,000,000 is a large number, I think if that many people really raved about this I would've heard of it by now.
  • "CLEAR SKIN WITHIN 24 HOURS!" Yeah, we've all heard this one before. Not even claims this, because they know it's not possible. is an honest company run by an honest guy that genuinely cares about helping people. Do we see a face behind this so called "herbal acne cure"?

I'm sure some things in the book are of use, and the fact that this company doesn't sell products of its own are good... There's no such thing as an overnight acne cure. If there was, we'd all be raving about it. I think you are right about the "too good to be true" statement.

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