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Using Head And Shoulders For Mild Acne

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hello everyone i have recently gone to my local supermarket and bought myself a big bottle of head and shoulders shampoo, after seeing a topic that was posted on this site some years ago saying that it cleared their mild acne, so i though maybe it will clear mine!?

it seems to dry my skin a little and it feels tight asif maybe its tightened all of my pores?

today is day 3 of washing my face with it once in the morning and once at night and i have had no new breakouts so far and my skin is sooo smooth its unreal! it also makes my skin nice and shiney :)

ive googled this technique and it seems very popular... allthough i have only recently heard of it..:/ and no one has anything bad to say about it so thats a plus!

has anyone else ever tried this method?

anyone have any opinions, input or questions?

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