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16 Weeks On Roaccutane. Help!

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I've found these forums so helpful over the last few months and want to see whether anyone out there has had similar experiences to mine on Roaccutane (or Accutane, depending where you are in the world).

I'm a 30 yr old guy in the UK currently in my 16th week on this drug, due to finish after 24 weeks at the end of June. I weigh around 80kg and am on 60mg per day for my moderate but persistent acne. This is my first course.

I am still getting as many new spots each day as I was before starting this treatment and things have been going from bad to worse to bad again all the way through, with no sign of a turnaround. My dermatologist warned me that everyone takes a different time to respond. But it's tough when you see that some people are already on the way to being better well before the 16 week mark. I can't help but feel discouraged and depressed :(

Has anyone been in the same situation as me when taking Roaccutane and does anyone know why in some cases the process of recovery is so non-linear?

Thanks in advance for your sharing your experience!

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