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Claravis Log

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I decided to pop back in my old alt account (lost main account login info) and start a Claravis/Accutane log as a token of my appreciation for all the helpful tips this forum gave me. Plus looking for accutane logs, I don't see much of those with severe acne making logs

After years of dying to get accutane I finally got it after going to a derm here in L.A. who is also regarded on of the best dermatologist especially regarding acne around the area.

General Bio Data:

Age: 18

Height: 5'11

Weight: 135

Acne: Severe Cystic and Nodulistic. Hidradenitis suppurativa

Length of acne: Almost 8 years

I'm already in Month 2 so I'll make a recap. I will only log the days when a major event occurs.

Month 1:


  • Claravis 20/mg - Once a day
  • Hydrocortisone - Apply face, neck and hair twice a day for 2 weeks then once in the evening after
  • Triamcinolone - Apply to the rest of the body
  • Roxane 10/mg - Once a day for two weeks then once every other day after

Day 1 - Began with acne which is severe enough to impede my movement (i.e. cyst/nodules around the butt so I prefer not to sit) and it's literally all over my body, normal day there.

Day 7 - Experienced joint pain in my legs and elbows, difficulty walking. Further research led me to believe drinking high amounts of water lessens this (I haven't really been drinking water at all anyways)

Day 11 - Joint pains aren't severe anymore, I can comfortably walk around up to 3 miles comfortably every other day.

Day 14 - Face begins to clear up, although the rest of my body remains unchanged

Day 20 - Lips begins to dry up. Begins using liquid lip balm.

Day 25 - First time since... I can't even remember ever seeing my face this clear. Few tiny nodules which can easily be mistaken as pustules. Body is clearer but few small nodules remain.

Month 2:

Day 35 - Lips are mildly cracking dry, if lips aren't tended, they will crack and bleed. I become quite thirsty time to time.

Day 37 - Cyst and nodules are flaring at an alarming level, mostly on my face. A few sporadic cyst can be found throughout the body but not as bad as day 1.

Day 44 - People tell me how my lips looks bigger. I can't really see it for myself as it's not extreme but slightly swelling if it is caused by Claravis. Although I am affected by spring/summer allergy and lips swelling due to seasonal allergies is a likely factor too.

I'm currently on day 48 so I'll give you updates if any major event happens but I'll definitely give an update after seeing my dermatologist If you have any question, feel free to ask. If you want tips on how to survive with severe acne without any "proper" medicine, let me know. I figured out a system that works, it's not perfect but no other system out there worked as well since most doesn't target severe acne/hidradenitis suppurativa.


Edit: I don't know why I forgot to mention this VERY important event.


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