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Effective Treatment And Diet

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Good day! I would like to share my personal experience about acne. When I was in the Philippines, I barely get acne. I usually get acne once in a while like one to three acne a month but a big one, then it would go away with just more sleep and hydration. Back home, I do eat anything I want, but I don't really like sweets, dairy, oily and fatty food. I also take FERN C like 2500 mg a day. I do really love eating green leafy veggies as what my mom always cooks. I was a nursing student then, with lack of sleep and too much stress but like what I said I barely get acne.

When I graduated, I tried to change my diet like eating more green leafy veggies, change my white rice into brown, my food are cooked in the oven, changed my white bread into wheat, drinking too much soya milk like twice a day as I really wanted to gain weight. Then, my acne started popping out big and cystic one, I thought I was just really stressed looking for a job, as I only do volunteer work for a year as it is really hard to find a job as a nurse in the Philippines because of too much graduates in the said career. My mom took me to a dermatologist and enrolled me to a program to control my acne and to prevent scarring. She paid $1,000, but nothing happened, I still get acne almost everyday. I finished the program two weeks before I left for New Zealand to study. I can't really sleep well that time as I was thinking of other treatments because I don't want to leave my country with bad skin, but the I ran out of time.

I arrived in New Zealand and stayed with a Kiwi family so they do all the cooking and I really have no idea what they put on the food like what oil they use and other seasonings as I am very particular with I eat. When I moved here I always eat chicken, because I know that red meat is really really bad for our health and fish here is really expensive unlike in Asia. So I often eat chicken because it is a white meat and incorporated muesli in my diet as my breakfast. But then my acne worsened big acne every where even on my forehead and jawline. I really didnt know what to do. I didn't want to visit a dermatologist here because it was really expensive for me as a student.

When I graduated from another course and started working, I decided to try the regimen, the reviews are all good so I tried it, I even ordered twice, but it didn't work for me it made my face worst ever so I had to stop it. Not sure if I was allergic to benzoyl peroxide or whatsoever. That time I always avoid my friends even going out to chill because I can really tell that my face was the worst skin you can see here around my place. I really didn't know what to do, my face became so dark because of too much sun exposure and I think the sun here is really strong.

I decided to go back to my diet when I was a nursing student in the Philippines and boost my Vitamin C intake and Fern C. I always eat orange like one in the morning and one in the evening. My acne stopped, but left me with deep and red scars all over. I just use baby organic face and body wash for my face and apply invisible zinc sunblock every morning and at night I use the baby organic face and body wash again and apply jojoba oil from which made my skin really good. Now, I get pimples but really small one like 1 or 2 a month which is really good. If you have any questions just do ask me. ^_^

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