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Vitamin D Supps

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I started taking supplement vitamin D3 after reading all the positive reviews about it. I experienced the worst breakout ever when taking it (all over my face), when being the operative word since I no longer take it. I stopped taking it almost a week ago and my facial acne is slowly subsiding. My body acne is still there though. I'm under the impression that I was probably enduring the intial breakout, but from the posts that I read on here, no one had an IB, quite the contrary actually. Prehaps I should have persevered with the tablets, but I couldn't bare the thought of being the new girl, with extremely bad acne (just started a new corporate position).

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Hi there!

Apart from vitamin D, you need to take up an alkaine diet as well!

Like :

-Drink lemon water in the morning and before you go to bed so as to remove the toxins..

-Eat meat and produce in 1:3 proportion.

-Intake more green leafy vegetables , Spinach is my first choice

-Cut off sugar, bread, dairy and salt!

(Lemons and oranges are very alkaline food, you will love them !!)

Hope it works for You


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