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Went On A Vegan, Gluten Free Diet And I'm Still Breaking Out? What The Heck Am I Doing Wrong?

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dude you say you have constant stomach aches and bowel issues - sounds like your body is too acidic. this can happen on vegan diets pretty easily because many fruits are acidic.

i also have a vegan diet.


spinach paste (basically steamed spinach cooked with olive oil, onions, peppers and vegetable stock)

slice of tofu, gluten free slice of bread with humous, steamed broccoli


rice with vegetable curry (beans, peas, sweetcorn, chickpeas, carrots etc)

alternative lunch:

gluten free rice noodles with stir fry vegetables


banana, nuts (usually macadamia), sultanas, peanut butter on gluten free toast


baked sweet potato with soy spread, tofu slice, humous

bit of effort but i only cook once or twice a week and then stuff the fridge with food.

it's kept my ph more alkaline - my derm told me once that you should be alkaline on the inside (no inflammation) and acidic on the skin surface (to kill germs).

i would get acne and psoriasis back when i had a mostly acidic diet, not eating on a regular basis led to stomach problems and ulcers because my stomach was basically eating itself.

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