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My Diet Queries

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ok guys i went on a strictly no white sugar diet two months back! i have a food journal so know all my dates exactly.. my bacne improved considerabley.. no white sugar meant no bread no soda.. nothing that contains even a bit of sugar in ingridients.. i did have fruits though.. after 15 days i got tired and craved sugar so i started haveing nuts.. after a week pimples started comming back :( so i gave up nuts.. then for a week it imroved again.. but there were always small red spots on my shoulders which i thought is a part of me and would never go.. after that week i had to go out of town for 3 days and when i was out i had a little bit of sugar.. and a lot of fruits.. the day i came back i had 2-3 new pimples but i figured coz of d sugar i ate.. after 2 days i had a glass of fruit juice (grapes) i squezzed myself.. the next day i had three big pimples on my back!! so i gave up fruits too! :(

its been a week now and i got no new pimple the last week! also those red spots went away too! my diet consits of..

whole wheat flat bread ( indian roti doesnt contain sugar)

cooked vegitables

white rice



my question is i want to drink vegitable juice.. but am afraid because eating whole fruits gave me small pimples but when i had fruit juice i got big acne.. any1 knows why this happens?? so can i dring vegitable juice at all without increasing my sugar levels?

ps: i want to increse my weight.. i have omllette (two eggs) evry altrnate day.. my friend says its not healthy.. its healthy right??

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High glycemic meals, drinks and snacks increase insulin release which in turn stimulates excess hormone production. It also increases the inflammation in your body. Both of these things are the major factors in acne development. When they are part of your regular diet habits. And fruit juice is very high glycemic. Eat fruit instead. Drink teas and water.

If you break out within a few days of eating something, its either some kind of intolerance or you are stressing out over what you ate, although I'm not sure that could cause a breakout that quickly either. You can have a problem metabolizing fructose. Many people here have sworn they break out from any fruit. But your ability to metabolize fructose can be improved with nutrients and habits such as keeping as natural as possible circadian cycle of bright daylight exposure and avoidance of artificial light at night.

Status: Clear after 30 years. Wow, I guess it's been 6 years, now.

[ Story: Severe Acne since I was 10. 10+ years of Dermatologists, Antibiotics, topicals and ACCUTANE did nothing. Discovered oranges triggered the worst of my cystic acne = about 70% improvement. Tried some nutrient supplements like B-complex with zinc and C, saw palmetto and a BHA like the aspirin mask = more improvement, a lot less oily. Then, Diet changes = Clear.

Regimen: Anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense, blood sugar stabilizing diet and supplements (for hormones, inflammation, aging, health). No soap or other cleanser except for hand washing! Water only or Oil cleanse. Aloe Vera mixed with niacinimide and a high linoleic acid oil for moisturizer and reduce pigmentation.

Diet effects acne in so many ways: hormone balance, inflammation, Insulin levels, digestion, allergies and intolerances, liver function, adrenal function, SHBG levels, sebum quality, cell function and turnover, nutrient deficiencies, body fat, etc. Basic advice: Eat, sleep, supplement and exercise like you are a diabetic. And eat real food!

For more information, see my Good Things for Acne thread *Moderator edit - Please refer to the board rules (see “Advertising/soliciting”, “Linking” and “Signatures”)*

When you eat stuff, Stuff Happens!

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