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Evening Primrose Oil Tablets For Acne!

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Hey guys! I was just curious if any of you have tried evening primrose oil tablets to help with your acne. I did a bit of research online and a lot of people suggested evening primrose oil for acne. Well I went out and bought some, and to my horror it made my acne SO much worse, I usually only have small bumps of acne but about a week into taking these pills I started to develop deep cystic type acne that hurt & more smaller bumps than I already had. I stop taking them and the bigger cystic type acne went away but the little bumps are still there & I'm trying to get rid of them. But my question is if anyone else has had any experience with evening primrose oil? & if it worked for you? & if you had any other type of natural supplement you could recommend to me that helped your acne?

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