Retin A + Accutane = Scars

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HI everyone, I wanted to ask a question which has kept me intrigued and obsessed about the past months. About a year ago, I started Accutane treatment. Running into my second month my former dermatologist prescribed me retinoic acid to apply topically to soften the red marks - a big mistake according to my criteria. Ifollowed her advice and applied it only for three weeks, onlyto stop it due to irritation and rashes in my hands as well as a red and irritated face.

However, after I stopped it I continued having acne breakouts corresponding to my Accutane course, but the difference is that they now all left scars behind, when previously acne had never left me scarred.

So this is my question: is it possible that the application of Retin A severely dried out my skin making it prone to scarring?

And what can I do to correct my scars. Mostly boxscar but also a lot of red pigmented scars. I am past the six month mark post-Accutane.

I thank you in advance for your answers

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Accutane impairs healing and makes skin more prone to scarring. My skin never scarred prior to Accutane, but I have shallow scars left after Accutane - and my skin scars easily now.

Low glycemic diet/ Avoiding dairy, gluten, most soy, an refined sugars, foods/beverages

Daily exercise (yoga, walking, hiking)

Cetaphil cleanser & lotion (for dry, sensitive skin) - AM/PM

Agera AHA toner at night

Occasional spot treatment with 2% BP or skin biology Exfol Serum

Supplements: Multivitamin/mineral, calcium, ALA, MSM, D3 (2000 mg), Fish oil, CoQ10, Rhodiola Rosea, Silica, probiotic

Sleep & hydration!

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Is it possible that the treatment made you more prone to scarring? Sure.

It's also possible that you would have scarred anyway when your severe acne cleared.

As EagerMiner said, lots of people who have scars have never taken Accutane. On the other hand, there are lots of people who have taken Accutane and never got scars. I have never used Accutane or retin-A, but still got scars. In my case it's genetics, coupled with not knowing how to properly treat my acne when I was younger.

If most of your scars are just discoloration, you could probably see improvement from peels. Don't do anything invasive for red marks.

Oct. 6, 2008: Deep Fx: 15mj, Pulse 1, Density 3

July 6, 2009: Deep Fx: 15mj, Pulse 1, Density 3

Oct. 9, 2009: Restylane for one scar

Jan. 5, 2010: 1.5mm self-rolling

Feb. 5, 2010: 1.5mm self-rolling

June 1, 2011: Deep Fx 17.5mj

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