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My Accidental Cure

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About me: 29 years old male, suffered acne since high school throughout my 20s. Tried just about everything from proactive, Retin A Micro, benzaclin, regime, Mary Kay, sea salts, lemon juice, and every over the counter med there was. Some worked at first, but would inevitably stop working leaving me back to square one.

Lately though, I've been mostly acne free for a few months now with the occasional single culprit here and there. I'm not sure what exactly brought on this cure but I've narrowed it down to three sources:

  • New face wash: Shiseido Pureness. Expensive but you use very little. Maybe 1/4 of a pea size is all you need. So the bottle will last me about 2 years probably.
  • Jojoba oil. Based on's recommendation, I decided to pick up a bottle from Trader Joes. Really kept my skin mosturized and softer.
  • Cleaner diet. I decided to diet for my upcoming vacation and started eating salad with lean chicken and hard boiled eggs. I was always in great shape but wanted to look more lean so I changed it up. This may be the reason why my acne cured.

I also use's moisturizer in the morning and jojoba oil at night before I sleep. I started all these things around the same time so I'm not sure what did it for me. I just want to put this out there in case anyone else wants to give it a try. I thought nothing will ever work for me and now I cannot believe what I'm seeing. I still have some acne scars to heal, but I'm just glad the hard part is over. Goodluck to the rest of you.

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