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Best To Not Think About It?

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I think it is best to not put too much thought into what you eat after you have established what you consider to be a healthy diet. Take me for example, I eat primarily a paleo diet, with all the variables included (pasture raised meat and eggs, only dairy i consume is from cows that do not have any genetic mutations that allow them to produce lectin containing things such as casein), so basically I only consume goat dairy or cheeses from switzerland/france, I eat a lot of fat which consists of avocado (dont know If I am allergic to avocados or bananas though...). 100% grass fed/finished beef tallow, ghee, goat butter, veggies such as kale, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, brocolli (rarely), spinach, watercress.... AND YET I still have pretty bad body acne.

It is ridiculous. Is it because I am thinking about my diet too much? Is it because maybe I am stressed and my sleep levels are not optimal (but then again, IT feels impossible to sleep well everyday... its life and SHIT HAPPENS). Am i just screwed?

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