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I Really Need Help With My Acne...

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Hi, i'm a 19 year old boy, living in Singapore (warm climate thru out the year) and im suffering from moderate/bad acne problems.. I started having acne when i was around 16 and it keep spreading until today..

there are photo attached bellow...

it's always on and off, sometimes it turns better and sometimes i get all reddish again.. there are serveral red bumps that are already on my face for more then 2months..

i've tried tea tree oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar,honey, vitemins,toothpaste, acne pills,carbonated soda and many different type of mask. but none of them heal my acne at all..

this few days it started to turn all redish and bumpy again. i really tried everything i can to make my acne go away but it's still there.. every week a new pimple or a new acne will start to grow or react... there's also alot of little holes on my cheeks..

i really don't know what to do to make it better... acne really ruined my teenage life... i do not have any confidence when i go out.. as a guy i am not able to apply make up so i have to face people everyday with this kind of acne...

it really lower my self-esteem, my confidence and my mood.. i really wish you guys can help me with a natural home remedy that will heal my acne, at least make it less noticable.. please somebody can u help me. i really feel very helpless... thanks...



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